Episode 021 - Pork And Beans

Rachel & Juliet discuss Weezer's first guitar solo-less single from 2008's self titled Red album. Rivers Cuomo recently put out a new single, Medicine For Melancholy produced (allegedly) by AJR, and the Black Album might not come out 5/25/18 as expected. Song Discussion, review, & ratings, followed by a quick Weezer Confession. Welcome new WAW team member Christopher! Thank you for listening & keep it Weezy. 

Episode 021 Q & A

2018, Season 1We Are Weezer
Episode 020 - A Very Special Matt Sharp Episode

A woo hoo hoo! We made it to the big 2-0! Each tenth anniversary WAW will do something special; and this time they decided to talk about Weezer's first bassist, Matt Sharp. Before jumping into Matt's life and music, Amy & Rachel catch up on Rivers Cuomo's second live acoustic show which Rachel attended at the Hi Hat in LA. SO GOOD! Next, they chit chat about movies etc. Then the good stuff. Join them on a quick journey through time as they give a few highlights of Matt's life, music, and current events, ending the show with The Rentals' Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad song discussion.

Episode 020 Q & A

Episode 019 - QB Blitz

TGIW! We Are Weezer's Rachel & Juliet catch up, discuss Rivers Cuomo's first solo acoustic performance in Colorado's Agave, and fill you in on Weezer Day (AKA Valentine's Day!) Just a couple weeks late! Whatevs.

Song discussion includes: football, the internet, overall sound & feeling, lyrics, paper lanterns, and Rivers' eternal internal battle of his creative instincts vs. everyone else's. They wrap it up with ratings and another round of Weezer confessional. 

A very special episode is coming up next! Thank you for listening!!  

Episode 019 Q & A

Hosts & Content: Rachel & Juliet

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Graphic Designer: Ali Schrubba

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Episode 018 - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To


Happy (Belated) Valentines Day! We Are Weezer has a big announcement in this episode! Amy & Rachel catch up after a break... Weezer released multiple remixes of Happy Hour, Rachel listened to Jillian Lauren's book, Some Girls: My Life In A Harem, Black Album date announced! Song discussion, ratings, the women of Weezer, three break songs, Weezer confessional. XOXO

Episode 018 Q & A

Hosts & Content: Rachel & Amy

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Graphic Designer: Ali Schrubba

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Season 1, 2018We Are Weezer
Episode 017 - A Very Special We Are Weezer Christmas - Christmas Celebration - In The Garage with Juliet

HO HO HO! Merry Weezmas! The WAW Crew wish everyone a happy holiday and a super awesome new year! R & R kick off the show with a little current events discussion and their three fav Christmas songs. They discuss Weeezer's Christmas Celebration and check out Juliet's blinding garage. Juliet spotlights Weezer's generous contributions to charities over the years. Be sure to check the website for more info! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support so far. See you next year! =W=

Episode 017 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 016 - Back To The Shack - In The Garage with Amy

Take us back, back to the shack, back to the Strat with the lightning strap! Rick & Rachel welcome, introduce, and interview one of two new WAW crew members - Ali! Next they discuss Weezer's (comeback) single from their (comeback?) album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Then they wrap it up at Amy's garage with some EWBAITE trivia! 

Episode 016 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 015 - Heart Songs - In The Garage with Juliet

Rachel and Rick take a trip to Weezer's self titled 2008 release, AKA The Red Album, and discuss Heart Songs. Heart Songs is one of those songs that makes us reflect and reminisce. Track #4, melodic, and chill, and on one of Weezer's more interesting albums, it stands out as a winner and holds up today. Juliet takes us to her garage and we discuss, compare, and contrast our heart songs with Rivers'. 

Episode 015 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 014 - Hash Pipe - In The Garage with Amy

Listener's Choice! You voted and we listened! Before the talk Hash Pipe, Rick and Rachel ramble and gush about the Amoeba Hollywood and Venice Beach house shows that they were able to attend November 1st & 2nd, 2017. Welcome Ali and Kristina!! Our new graphic designers and friends. Hash Pipe discussion & rating, then off to Amy's garage. Amy takes us through her list of 11 Weezer songs covered by other artists. Some good, some not so much. Thanks for listening!

Episode 014 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 013 - Why Bother - In the Garage with Juliet

On this week’s wonderful episode, Rachel and Rick discuss the upcoming Amoeba show as well as their Halloween intentions before jumping into a discussion of Pinkerton’s “Why Bother?”. We join Juliet in her Garage where she waxes philosophical on the Gemini astrological sign as it pertains to the two covers Weezer has been playing live lately, “I Took a Pill In Ibiza”, and “Hey Ya”.

Episode 013 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 012 - Love Explosion - In the Garage with Amy & Juliet Red Rocks Recap

Rick & Rachel catch up on life, Weezer's two new singles, Beach Boys & Weekend Woman, and give a shout out to Weezer cover band, Weezerton. Love Explosion song discussion & ratings follow. R & R touch on Rivers' relationship with the fans at the time and how it contrasts to today. Juliet & Amy take us to the garage and tell us all about their experience seeing Weezer together at a famed venue, Red Rocks of Colorado where the fan club got star treatment and the vibes were good. Bonus episode to follow! Stay tuned & thanks for Listening! 

Episode 012 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 011 - (Girl We Got A) Good Thing + Beach Boys

This time on We Are Weezer... Rachel & Rick chit chat, talk about the Beach Boys (Weezer's latest single released from upcoming album Pacific Daydream), and discuss Rachel's recent Kaaboo 2017 experience. Updates, Spotify, fan shout outs, PO Boxes, and Cory!

Then R & R jump to (Girl We Got A) Good Thing song discussion; which includes indisputable Beach Boys similarities (how appropriate!), Rick's personal reference, an article from tealcheese.com, as well as a Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast episode. Last but not least, a Fan club YouTube video, and deep thoughts on relationships...

It sounds like fun to me!

Episode 011 Q & A

Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 010 - A Very Special Mykel And Carli Episode

In We Are Weezer's tenth episode, Rachel & Rick discuss Weezer's greatest fans of all time, Mykel and Carli Allen.

The show opens with a catch up on: Vic Mensa's Homewrecker, Villans by Queens of the Stone Age, and Nine Inch Nails love.

Song discussion, and the story of Mykel and Carli follows.

R & R interview fan club member Eli! Then the whole crew goes to Rachel's garage for a change. 

If you made it to ten with us, thank you. If you're a new listener, thank you. We hope you enjoy this special, special, episode. Hear you me, Mykel. Hear you me, Carli.

In loving memory of Mykel, Carli, & Trysta...

Episode 009 - Smart Girls - In the Garage with Amy

Rick and Rachel catch up before discussing NME's list of top ten Weezer songs. Next they rate and review Smart Girls. Smart Girls is their first song from Weezer's infamous Hurley album, and it doesn't disappoint! Amy is back and takes us to the garage. She shares interesting tidbits regarding Weezer songs named after women, everyone weighs in, and hilarity ensues.

Episode 009 Q & A

Listen to NME's Top Ten Weezer Songs discussed in the show!

Perfect situations 001 - Feels Like Summer Acoustic, Pacific Daydream Announcement, & Mexican Fender Love Fest

In their mini episode debut, Rachel & Rick share their excitement regarding the album to be released 10/27/17, Pacific Daydream! Their first impressions of track 1 - Mexican Fender, and a brief discussion on a song that was reviewed in their first episode, Feels Like Summer, the Acoustic version!    

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Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 008 - The Futurscope Trilogy

R & R catch up, fill you in on the plans for the future of the show, give love to their number one fan, CORY (the best #1 fan EVER), Instagram shout outs, & Black Album Watch 2017. The Futurescope Trilogy song discussion, theories, & ratings. What's next, shout out to other podcasts & we love you! & Weezer... 

Episode 008 Q & A

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Episode 007 - Jacked Up - In the Garage with Juliet

Rick and Rachel open this episode with a teaser for future episodes, then go right into song discussion on the original and remix versions of Jacked Up, the ninth track on Weezer's beloved White Album. Rick declares his love for the band P.O.D., and Juliet takes us on a fun adventure into, "This Day in Weezer history!" They talk about Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame, Material Issue, The Offspring, No Doubt, and much, much more. Come our beautiful aliens and touch us with your light; We're all Jacked Up, over you!

Episode 007 Q & A!

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Season 1, 2017We Are Weezer
Episode 005 - Can't Stop Partying - In the Garage with Juliet

Rachel and Rick talk art and discuss a song near and dear to all our hearts, Can't Stop Partying. Then Juliet takes us on a deep dive into the life of loving father and gifted rapper and musician, Lil Wayne. Prepare yourself for lots and lots of nerdiness and fun facts. You'll leave the episode loving this song from Raditude (and Alone II)!

Episode 005 Q & A

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