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Perfect Situations #20 - that dog.

Today Rachel tells you all about that dog. A super cool band that shared the stage and more with Weezer in the 90's. It's their debut album's 25th anniversary, they're playing a show in LA 7/13/19, and it's a band member's birthday today! Happy birthday Anna! It was meant to be! Thanks for listening! =W=


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Episode 042 - Only In Dreams

Rachel is joined by very special guest host Keith! First they have a chat about the Teal Album, and then a mini interview with Keith where he shares his own personal Weezer story. In between molecules of Matt Sharp’s ridiculous bassline, its earthereal lyrics, and the unmistakable and incredible buildup at the end, it seems Only in dreams is unequivocally one of, if not THE best, Weezer song of all time. You won’t want to miss this special song discussion, ratings, and much more.


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Episode 029 - Susanne

Amy & Rachel discuss We Are Weezer current events, merch, Scott's birthday, Amy's time at the latest show, shout outs, other podcast news, and upcoming cover band interviews. Susanne song discussion includes the song's origin, original lyrics, and ties to Kevin Smith's Mallrats soundtrack. You won't want to miss this episode on one of the fans' most beloved songs. Weez on Weezerinos!

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Episode 024 - El Scorcho

El Scorcho! We knew this was a special song, but didn't know it would turn out to be such a special episode. Amy, Juliet, & Rachel fill you in on all of the details of this iconic (& controversial?) song beloved by Weezer fans. Song discussion, ratings, and last but certainly not least, an interview with lead singer Braxton of the Weezer cover band, El Scorcho. We hope you'll fall in love all over again with this awesome song... =W= 

Episode 024 Q & A

Episode 020 - A Very Special Matt Sharp Episode

A woo hoo hoo! We made it to the big 2-0! Each tenth anniversary WAW will do something special; and this time they decided to talk about Weezer's first bassist, Matt Sharp. Before jumping into Matt's life and music, Amy & Rachel catch up on Rivers Cuomo's second live acoustic show which Rachel attended at the Hi Hat in LA. SO GOOD! Next, they chit chat about movies etc. Then the good stuff. Join them on a quick journey through time as they give a few highlights of Matt's life, music, and current events, ending the show with The Rentals' Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad song discussion.

Episode 020 Q & A

Episode 004 - The Good Life - In the Garage with Amy

Rick and Rachel pay homage to Chris Cornell and the Weezer Ominbus. Then they get sexy with it and discuss The Good Life from Weezer's second album, Pinkerton. Amy invites them into her garage and she relays her first impression of The Rentals' first album, Return of the Rentals. The Rentals were Matt Sharp's (at the time) side gig.


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Episode 002 - Say It Ain't So - In the Garage with Amy

On this episode, Rachel and Rick discuss Rivers’ somewhat perplexing social media presence before moving into a discussion of ‘Say It Ain’t So’, Weezer’s titanic 1994 hit. Then they take a field trip to Amy’s Garage where she drops some tasty morsels regarding the critical reception of both the band and their debut album at the time.

Special thanks to DJ2 Grooves for the fun outro music! 


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