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Episode 029 - Susanne

Amy & Rachel discuss We Are Weezer current events, merch, Scott's birthday, Amy's time at the latest show, shout outs, other podcast news, and upcoming cover band interviews. Susanne song discussion includes the song's origin, original lyrics, and ties to Kevin Smith's Mallrats soundtrack. You won't want to miss this episode on one of the fans' most beloved songs. Weez on Weezerinos!

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Episode 009 - Smart Girls - In the Garage with Amy

Rick and Rachel catch up before discussing NME's list of top ten Weezer songs. Next they rate and review Smart Girls. Smart Girls is their first song from Weezer's infamous Hurley album, and it doesn't disappoint! Amy is back and takes us to the garage. She shares interesting tidbits regarding Weezer songs named after women, everyone weighs in, and hilarity ensues.

Episode 009 Q & A

Listen to NME's Top Ten Weezer Songs discussed in the show!