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Episode 050 - A Very Special Interview with Jason Cropper - Part Two

Please enjoy part two of our Jason Cropper interview. Rachel and Jason talk about what it was like to work with Ric Ocasek, Mykel and Carli, Mikey, yoga & meditation, podcasts, and his future with Rivers and Weezer. He gives the lowdown on what he's up to now, his new music, his album, and much more!

There's also a premier of Perfect Dream, his new song inspired by Weezer, at the end of the show!! Be sure to give it a listen! It’s lovely!

THANK YOU, JASON! What an absolutely genuine and wonderful person…


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Jason Cropper is on Facebook and Instagram @ JCropp123


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Episode 008 - The Futurscope Trilogy

R & R catch up, fill you in on the plans for the future of the show, give love to their number one fan, CORY (the best #1 fan EVER), Instagram shout outs, & Black Album Watch 2017. The Futurescope Trilogy song discussion, theories, & ratings. What's next, shout out to other podcasts & we love you! & Weezer... 

Episode 008 Q & A

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