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Episode 027 - Island In The Sun

Amy and Rachel catch up and talk about Rachel's experience watching Weezer perform Toto's Africa on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Happy Birthday Rivers and Amy! No Black Album? Next song discussion and ratings for Amy's favorite song of all time, Island In The Sun. This song has two music videos; one of which features Mikey Welsh. Mikey was only in two Weezer videos ever. Island In The Sun, Mexican Wedding version, and Hash Pipe. B-Sides; Sugar Booger, Starlight, Teenage Victory Song, & more. Marcos Siega, Spike Jonze, Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, & baby animals! Bless the Rains and donate to Roots Ethiopia if you can. Weez-on my Weezies. 

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Videos: Mexican Wedding, Baby Animals, SNL Performance with Will Ferrell, Jimmy Kimmel Africa Performance

Hosts & Content: Rachel & Amy

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Episode 002 - Say It Ain't So - In the Garage with Amy

On this episode, Rachel and Rick discuss Rivers’ somewhat perplexing social media presence before moving into a discussion of ‘Say It Ain’t So’, Weezer’s titanic 1994 hit. Then they take a field trip to Amy’s Garage where she drops some tasty morsels regarding the critical reception of both the band and their debut album at the time.

Special thanks to DJ2 Grooves for the fun outro music! 


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