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Episode 051 - The Angel And The One with Nikki Enloe

Rachel is joined by Nikki Enloe who produced a music video for Rivers Cuomo’s single, Two Broken Hearts. They discuss Red album’s, The Angel And The One. This song has been compared to Only In Dreams, was produced by Rick Rubin, and features organist Geralyn Fennelly. Find out the original name of the song, who’s favorite it is, and why Rivers is dressed like a cowboy on the album cover. Also, check out the mug Nikki designed for WAW! All proceeds from the sale of the mug will go to charity. 


Hosts & Content: Rachel & Nikki

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Graphic Designer: Sue Anne K


Check out Nikki’s meme account on Instagram @riverscuomeme, check out the Facebook group Weezer Shitposting,

or contact her through Facebook messenger by searching Nikki Enloe. 

Two Broken Hearts music video

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