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Perfect Situations #6 - Weezer News with Sue Anne!

Hello! Join Rachel and special guest host Sue Anne as they give you the down low on all the latest & greatest Weezer News! So grab your bottle of Pinapplemon and stay tuned! The ladies fill you in on Rivers’ latest Facebook posts, Record Store Day, a tweet from Green Day, tour info, new song Zombie Bastards, Black Album bundles, and much more!

 Hosts & Content: Rachel & Sue Anne

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Graphic Designer: Sue Anne K

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Episode 001 - Introduction, Feels Like Summer

Welcome to We Are Weezer! A podcast dedicated to Weezer. Made for Weezer fans, by Weezer fans.

In this first ever episode, Rachel & Rick introduce themselves, then discuss, review, and rate Weezer's latest single: FEELS LIKE SUMMER. Yeah it feels like Summer to me-hee-hee...


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