Episode 035 - Love Is The Answer

Rachel is joined by Jen and Patrick from the My Name Is Weezer Podcast! They talk Weezer news and then get into some fun Q & A. Rachel gets J & P’s opinion’s on Toto’s Hash Pipe, Weezer’s new releases, & also asks what was in their garage when they were growing up. Song discussion follows. Which version do you like more; Weezer or Sugar Ray’s? Would George Harrison really approve of this song or not? Who won the remix contest; seriously?! Does anyone remember Radio Weezer? Join the trailblazers and #2 on their journey to ask themselves (and Rivers), is love the answer?

Hosts & Content: Rachel, Jen Kleinrock, & Patrick Ehlers from the My Name Is Weezer Podcast!

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

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