Episode 016 Q & A

  • Back To The Shack video premiered on September 29th, 2014 on Noisey.Vice.com
  • Official Video
  • Jacob Kasher - Co-Writer
  • Jacob Kasher Billboard Article
  • Warren Fu Directed the video 
  • Warren Fu Wikipedia
  • Fu Quote from tonedeaf.com article, “There are such endless possibilities with the form of the music video...  You can do what someone like Spike Jonze does and pull off something with a crazy idea. Some directors have a really strong aesthetic taste. For me, what I love about music videos is that they’re constantly changing.”
  • Chartattack.com quote by Ryan Mcnutt, “For all their flirtations with big riffs, big pop producers and big gimmicks over the years (like the Weezer Cruise, or the Hootenany tour, or Rivers’ upcoming TV show about his time at Harvard), it’s only on Everything Will Be Alright in the End that Weezer truly sound focused and huge again.”