Episode 005 Q & A

1. Kii Arens poster Link

2. And click Link to see the Weezer ultimate poster pack with the cool paper plane foldable poster, Jukebox poster, & Trouble game poster three pack.

3. Alone II Hootenanny was a jam session at Fingerprints Records joining Rivers Cuomo and guests. Many fans were there. The fans could just watch or could participate and play along with Rivers. Weezerpedia Link

4. The Coconut Teaser is in fact the place Rachel was thinking of. It was a bar/ club in Hollywood that hosted live music. It must have also had a recording studio downstairs...

5. Jermaine Dupri doesn't need an introduction from us (or anyone for that matter), but if you don't know who he is check him out here. Also here's a cool youtube video of him and Rivers too. He seems like a very nice guy & he's a cool dude as well. Rivers mentions a video in this interview. Too bad that never happened!

6. Although we have no solid proof. We believe that Lil' Wayne free-styled and "wrote" his own lyrics for his part of the song. 

7. Thank God For Girls "debauchery"... 



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