Episode 004 - Q & A

Not too many Q’s but there’s a lot A’s and links

1.   What is a zine?

From Weezerpedia, “Weezine was the official Weezer Fan Club periodical, the title being an amalgam of Weezer and 'zine', the shortened moniker for amateur, photocopied publications.”

2.   Weezer Omnibus link below. You need to be in the fan club…

B & W Weezine

3.   Fan Club link

4.   Sound City Studio. Dude... You need to look at this historical gem…. Check it.

 5.   Name of the pizza company from the video is ASAP Pizza? As Soon As Possible Pizza?

6.   More on the music video from weezerpedia! Link =W=

7.   XO Jane article: XOXO

8.  Correlation between Cake, Soul Coughing, & Homie? Got info? Let us know!

9.   Joe Matt Article on Weezerpedia. Joe Matt IS his real name. :) 

10.   The Good Life VIDEO!

11.  Tower Records was a magical place. Especially on September 24th, 1996. 

12.   Rachel on the cover?!?! WE THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13.   Check out the Rentals' website! LINK

14.   Who is P? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out! 

15.  "The other guy from the Rolling Stones" is Ronnie Wood. See, he KINDA does look like Ric Ocasek...

Ronnie   +    Ric

16.  Was there any conflict between Weezer and the Rentals? We don't know. Google did not help us find out. If you have any intel, please let us know!

Shoot us an email at: weareweezerforever@gmail.com  

17.  Friends of P Single cover art with missing Pat and Rachel heads. 


18.  And last but certainly not least, Poop Alley Studios. Ran by Tom Grimley who has no wikipedia etc. Here are a few Weezerpedia links and an allmusic.com link to his biography. 

Poop Alley Studios               Tom Grimley Weezerpedia               Tom Grimley AllMusic.com