Episode 003 - Q & A

1.  Does Weezer have a private plane? The answer is yes. We found this picture on www.beardedgentlemanmusic.com.

Also, we heard they gave Andrew McMahon a ride home from a gig on their jet.


2.  Shrek 2 came out in 2004. Smash Mouth is featured on Shrek, and Shrek 2! What?! And here's a funny article on about Smash Mouth and how they are not cool with people constantly bringing it up.

Stupid Smash Mouth

3.  What is going on in 2005? Link to the Charts -> Billboard Hot 100


4.  Hold on. Rivers wrote this song about some guy he met and randomly decided to change it to a Shrek song? Anyone know or want to guess who? 

From Weezerpedia.com

"My Best Friend" was a song that Rivers Cuomo had written for Make Believe, but was on the back burner for some time. When the band was asked to submit a track to the soundtrack to the film Shrek 2, he offered up this song. His logic was that the song, written about a big, funny, ogre-like friend of his, was perfect for the film. Ironically, the producers asked for a song that wasn't so obvious. So, he rewrote the lyrics, and the band reworked the song a bit, and re-submitted it. In the end, the song was not used by the producers.”  

Who is this song about?!?!


  1. We Are Weezer was born from the fan club. Where else was Rachel going to find other super-fans to podcast with? :)

  2. When the fan club was reinstated in 2000-ish they started the numbers off where the original fan club left off. 

  3. Lisa hand makes all the membership cards. She's got mad lamination skills. 

  4. Kyoko Cuomo (Rivers' wife) is a fan club member! 

  5. You've been Cuomo'd! A term used when Rivers Cuomo takes your social media post and posts it as his own.