Episode 002 - Q & A

1. Why doesn't Rachel know the difference between the lyrics for Greatest Man that Ever Lived and Troublemaker?? We don't know. But here's a little snippet from both. And for the record, there is no spoken word in Troublemaker. 

Spoken Word from, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Somebody said all the world's a stage

And each of us is a player

That's what I've been trying to tell you

In Act I, I was struggling to survive

Nobody wanted my action dead or alive

Act II, I hit the big time

And bodies be all up on my behind

And I can't help myself

Cuz I was born to shine

And if you don't like it, you can shove it

But you don't like it, you love it

So I'll be up here in a rage

Till they bring the curtain down on this stage



I’m gonna be a star and people will crane necks

To get a glimpse of me and see if I am having sex

And studying my moves, they try to understand

Why I am so unlike the singers in the other bands.

I’m such a mystery as anyone can see

There isn’t anybody else exactly quite like me

And when it’s party time, like 1999

I’ll party by myself because I’m such a special guy.


I’m a troublemaker, never been a faker

Doin’ things my own way and never giving up

I’m a troublemaker, not a double-taker

I don’t have the patience to keep it on the up

2. Learning to speak Japanese is hard. But apparently not much harder to learn than any other language. According to a 2015 article on www.takelessons.com, “How Long Does It Take to Learn Japanese? A Timeline for Beginners”, Maile Proctor says it only takes 9-12 months to achieve beginner status. And 2-3 years to speak fluently. We’re signing up now!  

3. The legend of Rivers fining people for being late! We could not find any articles to support this. But, we did see forum discussions. If anyone has any info, let us know?

Email us at: weareweezerforever@gmail.com

4. Leaves Cuomo changed his name to James Kitts, using his step-father’s last name.

5. The Amherst House's address is 2226 Amherst Avenue, Los Angeles CA. It's not Hollywood, and it's not Santa Monica... But it's kinda close to the beach...

6. Here's the charts that Rachel was looking at if you'd like to reminisce. THE CHARTS

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